Experience of Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam – 2020

I am now a Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect. Yayyy!💪 You can find a ton of blogs telling how to prepare for this certification. So, let me share something that might not be that widely known.

  1. This certification process was a bit different than my previous experience for GCP certified Professional Data Engineer. This was an Online Proctored Exam.
  2. When I had achieved my PDE certification almost 2 years ago, I had reserved 5 hours of study per day for two weeks. This time, I got only one weekend due to my work commitments. But my experience on GCP compensated for that.😬 Means, more you have actual experience, lesser you might need to prepare, exclusively.
  3. Don’t worry if your exam does not start at the exact time slot chosen by you during registration. Few formalities will be done by the proctor before the exam to ensure no malpractice. You exam time counter will start after every formality is over and you actually start the exam.🖖
  4. The Proctor will ask for your any Government ID like Adhaar Card(for India). If possible, make sure you have a decent webcam that can capture the details in the ID card. Even though, I had a 720p HD webcam, the details were blurry and It took decent time to verify that I am the one! 🙂
  5. The proctor will ask you to show him the area around you via webcam. Left, right, front, back, under the bed etc.
  6. There should be no person in that test area except you. No person should be at least visible in the webcam.
  7. My exam was interrupted once, when my mummy came in the webcam view for some work and second time when I was moving my lips while reading the question. (I do that when I need to concentrate a bit more 😉 Thankfully, the proctor was cooperative enough to understand the situation of working from home.
  8. There are 50 questions in 2 hours. So, I kept 2 minutes for every question and made sure that at any point of time, I was not wasting much time on any question. But don’t worry, 2 hours is more than sufficient for 50 questions in both cases, if you know the right answer and also, if you don’t 🙂
  9. I went through the sample case studies provided for the exam on priority. Lots of time saving during the actual exam.
  10. You can find my credentials at below link. Now, moving to Google Cloud Certification Perks Webstore to claim my merchandise 😉

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